SOiL Mindset Remedy Roller Trio


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Thoughts trio of remedy rollers

Control the narrative of the day. SOiL’s thoughts trio of ready to roll-on remedies promote a balanced, thoughtful, focused, creative and energised mindset.

Don’t let your thoughts run away from you, be composed with Balance, Focus and Inspire remedy rollers. Learn more below.

Certified Organic and Fair for Life product.

44 in stock

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Mindset’s thoughts trio of organic and fair-trade certified remedy rollers is designed to banish unhelpful thought patterns and enhance optimum function.

Maintain composure, quieten overwhelming thoughts and steady nerves and emotions with Balance remedy roller. Uplift spirits and align thoughts to improve concentration and memory function with Focus remedy roller. Boost energy levels and motivate positive and creative thoughts with Inspire remedy roller. Control the narrative of your thoughts with Mindset Trio.

Each roller holds a ready to apply natural and organic remedy of pure essential oils diluted in jojoba oil. Mostly rolled onto pulse points the remedy is easily absorbed into the blood stream and quick to act.

Certified Organic and Fair for Life certified product.

Directions for use: Refer to individual rollers directions.

Packaging: carton containing 3 x 10ml amber glass roller bottle with metal application roller ball.


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