SOiL Everyday Remedy Roller Trio


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Support Trio of Remedy Rollers

Benefit from some natural support when going through the motions of each day. Wake up, navigate daily stressors, and successfully decompress and rest. SOiL’s Everyday trio of ready to roll-on remedies offer a wellness toolkit to boost energy levels, steady nerves and promote a good night’s sleep.

Be ready to roll with Energy, De-Stress and Sleep remedy rollers. Learn more below.

Certified Organic and Fair for Life product.

44 in stock

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Everyday’s support trio of organic and fair-trade certified remedy rollers is designed to ease ups and downs of everyday.

Get energised to tackle the day’s events and beat afternoon slumps with Energy remedy roller. Calm frazzled nerves and flustered thoughts with De-Stress remedy roller. Take in the day’s events and benefit from a restful night’s sleep with Sleep remedy roller. Why not be ready with Everyday Trio

Each roller holds a ready to apply natural and organic remedy of pure essential oils diluted in jojoba oil. Mostly rolled onto pulse points the remedy is easily absorbed into the blood stream and quick to act.

Certified Organic and Fair for Life certified product.

Directions for use: Refer to individual rollers directions.

Packaging: carton containing 3 x 10ml amber glass roller bottle with metal application roller ball.


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