Relax Remedy Roller 10ml


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Pace yourself with SOiL’s ready to roll-on calming blend of organic clary sage, marjoram, lavender and chamomile essential oils diluted wtih jojoba oil. Keep calm and content anywhere, anytime.

Certified Organic and Fair for Life product.

95 in stock

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The chaos of the day can unsettle the nerves, add anxiety and trigger tension headaches. Relax’s blend of organic herbaceous essential oils promotes a composed, calm and tranquil state of wellbeing. Diluted with jojoba oil and supplied in a roller bottle offers an easy to apply calming remedy while on the go. Take a mindful moment with Relax Remedy Roller.

Certified Organic and Fair for Life certified product.

Directions for use: Apply to pulse points.

Packaging: 10ml amber glass roller bottle with metal application roller ball.



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