A Set of 12 Remedy Rollers


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Aromatherapy on-the-go for every occassion with SOiL’s set of 12 organic and fair-trade certified remedy rollers.

12 therapeutic blends to help combat common stressors of the day and promote wellbeing. Each contain a unique organic essential oil synergy blended with Fair for Life certified Jojoba oil for immediate application to pulse points.

Certified Organic and Fair for Life product.

36 in stock

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This set of twelve therapeutic blends are specifically formulated to combat most moments in a day that add bumps to the road of balanced wellbeing.

Each roller offers a unique organic synergy of essential oils blended in a base of Fair for Life certified Jojoba oil for safe topical application, most commonly applied to pulse points for quick absorption into the body.

Be ready for all occasions with SOiL’s selection of roll-on remedies.

  • BALANCE Remedy Roller 10ml
  • BUG AWAY Remedy Roller 10ml
  • DE-STRESS Remedy Roller 10ml
  • EASY BREATHE Remedy Roller 10ml
  • ENERGY Remedy Roller 10ml
  • FOCUS Remedy Roller 10ml
  • INSPIRE Remedy Roller 10ml
  • SHIELD Remedy Roller 10ml
  • SLEEP Remedy Roller 10ml

Certified Organic and Fair for Life product.

Directions for use: Apply to pulse points, chest and under feet.

Packaging: 10ml amber glass roller bottle with metal application roller ball.


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