Easy Breathe Remedy Roller 10ml*^


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Congestion, colds and flu can put a dampener on your day. Easy Breathe’s formulated blend of organic Cajeput, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Clove essential oils diluted with jojoba oil is a ready to apply remedy to ease unwanted symptoms.

(*) Certified 100% natural and organic to Ecocert COSMOS Organic standard. (^) Fair Trade certified to Fair for Life Standard.

96 in stock

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Blocked noses and respiratory systems cause havoc to the performance of the mind. Bring some relief to symptoms of colds and flu with Easy Breathe’s spicy mint blend of organic essential oils. Diluted with organic jojoba oil and supplied in a roller bottle offers an easy to apply remedy anywhere, anytime.

Certified Organic and Fair for Life product.

Directions for use: Apply to pulse points, chest and under feet.

Packaging: 10ml amber glass roller bottle with metal application roller ball.



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