First roots…

SOiL’s 100% pure aromatherapeutic oils proudly stand today as South Africa’s first certified organic aromatherapy range launched in 2004.

Our commitment to high quality and purity resonates through our standard of practise. Our aim: To deliver only superior certified organic oils boasting a truly beneficial therapeutic effect.

To rock-solid quality…

SOiL aromatherapy products are certified organic by ECOCERT and undergo rigorous annual audits by third party international organic certifiers. We believe our pioneering approach to organic farming forms the foundation of our success in developing our eco-ethical aromatherapy range.

Sourcing our oils from the plants’ most ideal point of origin secures its quality aromatherapeutic function, while organic farming ensures oils that are free from:

  • petro-chemicals,
  • parabens,
  • synthetic fragrance,
  • colourants

Nature’s botanical healing, bottled.

Integrity & Traceability guide each step of the way…

SOiL is a family owned, vertically integrated company. We farm, process, distribute and market our oils from the farm direct to shelf. Our soil to bottle operation gives us an educated voice within the aromatherapy and wellness industry.

The beauty of our organic certification is the complete traceability to the source of our oils and the approval of all raw materials and packaging. All avenues of the business are scrutinised keeping our key values in place and our standards consistent. Our Ecocert certification, is your guarantee of a high quality, pure and therapeutically beneficial product.

Join our life-sustaining approach to Eco-ethical Self-sustainability

Our ethic of Do No Harm is maintained by guidelines which encourage local economic growth, employment creation and the utilisation of local, renewable resources. Our Fair-Trade practises are confirmed through our Fair for Life certification.

Being proudly African, we grow and source locally first. Where plants thrive best in alternate locations, we call on our trusted certified organic and fair-trade network of producers throughout Africa and beyond to supply oil.

Every decision is made with a green conscious to minimise plastics and reduce our footprint.

Simply put, be earth friendly!

We are proudly certified:


vegan friendly

animal cruelty-free

fair trade

Nurturing the seedlings in the nursery

Tree tree seedling

Harvesting mature tea tree plants

Loading harvested tea tree into the chipper

Closing the stills for steam distillation

Separation of the essential oil from the remaining aromatic water