Welcome to Episode 31 of the Lucentlands Podcast! In this fascinating episode, hosts Dewald Kirsten and Louise Brodie sit down with Grant and Natalie McMurray from Soil Organic Aromatherapy to delve into the world of sustainable agriculture and organic aromatherapy.


Join us as we uncover the secrets behind essential oils, the challenges of organic farming, and the innovative future of agriculture. Grant and Natalie McMurray, experts in the field, share their journey of pioneering organic farming in South Africa. They provide unique insights into the world of essential oils and how these aromatic compounds are not only transforming the wellness industry but also making strides in sustainable agriculture. Discover the complex science behind essential oils and how they play a vital role in organic farming practices. In this eye-opening conversation, we explore the intricacies of organic certification and the rigorous standards that Soil Organic Aromatherapy adheres to. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the challenges organic farmers face and the dedication required to maintain high-quality, eco-friendly products. The McMurrays also discuss the need for increased research and education in the field of organic agriculture. Discover how they navigate the complexities of international trade and overcome non-tariff trade barriers to ensure their products meet global standards. Join us on this enlightening journey into the world of organic aromatherapy and agriculture. Whether you’re an aspiring farmer, a lover of essential oils, or simply curious about the sustainable practices that shape our world, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Why listen: Gain insights into the world of organic aromatherapy and sustainable agriculture. Learn about the science behind essential oils and their impact on farming. Understand the challenges and standards of organic certification. Explore the innovative future of agriculture and essential oil production. Discover how Soil Organic Aromatherapy overcomes international trade barriers.


Join us in this thought-provoking conversation that bridges the gap between agriculture and wellness, only on the Lucentlands Podcast!


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