April is a heady month; it heralds the last month of the summer season and school and Easter holiday’s as South Africans prepare to transition into Autumn. With the last lingering of Summer’s warm weather and clear blue skies, it is a popular month for families to book a holiday break in Nature to make the most of fresh outdoor landscapes and new adventure environments.

Keeping a first aid holiday kit of essential remedies onboard, whether you are road tripping or jetting off to distant destinations, is a necessary and practical addition to your family’s travel health. Apart from the obligatory adhesive plasters and gauze bandaging, included in your family travel kit should be your own personalised set of Nature’s plant therapy remedies which offer natural, yet potent therapeutic effect for travel-related ailments, which are safe to use on the whole family.

Stay Well on the Go

While we all plan for a family holiday that is a relaxed and happy event, we also need to plan for those unwanted travel companions of road fatigue, jet lag, a sluggish immune system, motion sickness, insect bites, asthma, sunburn, and travel tummy upsets. If you are serious about yours and your family’s health, consider investing in the SOiL First Aid Essential Trio Set (R155.00); or if you are new to the healing benefits of essential oil support, start your journey of discovery when you try the Ready to Roll Aromatherapy Set (R115) which is an easy travel essential of pre-blended remedy roll-ons: Relax, Revive and Relief to calm the body and mind, soothe headaches and uplift and boost energy, as well as provide relief from insect and mosquito bites.

Out-of-home accommodation brings with it, its own set of unforeseen surprises and on arrival at your holiday destination, a handy pack of aromatherapy oils can calm nerves as you settle in, soothe children to sleep, purify the indoor air and act as an effective insect repellant. And, when the kids have drifted off to slumber, a few drops of Ylang Ylang in the bathtub can bring a relaxed and romantic mood to the end of the evening for Mom and Dad.

Back to School & Back to Work

Often it is not the holiday itself which calls for added health support with aromatherapy applications but rather when it is time to transition out of Summer and return to work and scheduled school routines where days stretch long, and energy and focus is required.

To set the mood for productivity at school and in the office, a citrus wake-up blend of essential oils in your home SOiL Diffuser  (R600)  can stimulate the senses as its concentrated aromas circulates in bedrooms, bathrooms and during your morning breakfast routine.

Essential oils also stimulate learning and perception, and school-going children can arm themselves with their own aromatherapy pack for recall, focus, memory, mood, as well as hygiene for their hands with the simple application of refreshing, SOiL Lemon and Tea Tree Sanitiser (R30) . Try the  SOiL Shield Blend (R75) or the SOiL Inspire Blend (R75).

By encouraging your child to connect to the power of their sense of smell for health and olfactory stimulation, you also gift them the opportunity to get involved in discovering and preparing their own favourite back to school blends to take with them in their school back packs and by doing so, prepare them for lifelong health support the way Nature intended it.



Home time is happy time when there is an aromatic welcome and a sensory opportunity for a mood reset. Children of any age can connect to their own custom scents prepared in advance when it is time for study, bath or bedtime preparation and relaxation for mind and body before settling in for a sound night’s sleep, naturally.


Travel Trios & School Kit Roll-ons

TrioThe SOiL remedy rollers are small and light enough for travel and school bags and provide an on-the-go solution for busy holiday, school, and work trips.

The SOiL Ready To Roll Aromatherapy Set (R115) is an easy travel essential of pre-blended oils for those in need of travel pampering and includes three remedy rollers: Relax, Revive and Relief to calm body and mind, soothe headaches and uplift and boost energy, as well as provide relief from insect and mosquito bites.





SOiL’s new Trio Boxes  include pre-blended oils which include three essential blends to cover your bases.
SOiL First Aid Essential Oil Trio (R155.00) offers an everyday Trio of organic essential oils Lavender 10ml, Tea Tree 10ml and Eucalyptus 10ml.

SOiL Exhale Essential Oil Trio (R300.00) is the Calming Trio of organic essential oils De-Stress Blend 10ml, Frankincense 5ml and Rose Geranium 10ml.

SOiL Inhale Essential Oil Trio (R140.00) is the Breathing Trio of organic essential oils Easy Breathe Blend 10ml, Cedarwood 10ml and Orange 10ml.

SOiL Clarity Essential Oil Trio (R140.00) is the Revitalising Trio of organic essential oils Peppermint 10ml, Rosemary 10ml and Lemon 10ml.



Want to learn more about how to blend your own custom aroma therapies with SOiL essential oils? Click  here or head over to our online shop and make your selection of oils, blends, roll ons and diffusers prepared and packaged for your convenience.

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