Each start of a new year is a chance to reset our health, stay balanced and reach for new goals. It is also a busy time as we return to work, school, and our daily commitments for the months ahead. If you are reaching for clarity, calm, focus and motivation to get you tuned up for the year, consider a natural boost from Nature’s own pharmacy. The simple, yet effective, power of aromatherapy’s concentrated oils and fragrances will guide and support you through cranky mornings, midday stress , afternoon fatigue and late night lags without the need for caffeine or chemicals. 

The efficacy of natural aromatherapies to soothe our senses, calm our minds and refresh our outlook with renewed focus, among their many other natural health remedies, has been clinically proven by trusted scientific sources in studies dating back to 2013, but their effects as a natural everyday remedy have been celebrated by human beings since 3 500 BC. 

The beauty of aromatherapy is that just as each person is unique in mind, spirit, and physiology, so too is each scent from nature’s cornucopia of essences, herbs, flowers and plant extracts which make up the medicine cabinet of these aromatic medicines and treatments. SOiL Essential Oils provides a complete organic apothecary of fragrances and remedies to choose from which have been homegrown on the SOiL farm in South Africa and sourced from the best organic growers from around the world, for you to discover, enjoy and blend for your own personal remedy range in easy reach and which is guaranteed to be easier on your pocket. 

As we move into a greener and more sustainable world, discover natural health with the affordable benefits of SOIL Essential Oils which can be used as a scent on your skin, to fragrance a room using an ultrasonic diffuser or as a pure aromatherapy oil or roller which you can carry with you in a small bottle wherever you go. Since SOil Essential Oils are concentrated, you only need a few drops to receive their healing benefit, making them go a long way on your journey through school studies, work goals and family and home harmony throughout the year 2022. 

Brain Fog… or FOCUS? 

ORGANIC PEPPERMINT OIL (10ML – R60.00) refreshes and stimulates, to reduce stress and headaches. This essential oil is stem-distilled from a partially dried plant, with menthol as its primary constituent, for a powerful cooling and calming effect, whether inhaled or applied to your skin.  

ORGANIC ROSEMARY OIL (10ML – R60.00) A well-known aromatic herb; Rosemary has been used medicinally for centuries. Considered a tonic for the central nervous system, Rosemary stimulates the brain, relieves headaches, and helps improve memory. 

FOCUS  (10ML – R60.00) Expertly formulated by SOiL’s certified aromatherapist, this certified organic blend of 100% PURE essential oils contains Lemongrass, Rosemary and Black Pepper essential oil to help invigorate and stimulate your mind. 

Fatigue… or ENERGY? 

ORGANIC REVIVE REMEDY ROLLER (11ML – R40.00) Geranium and Grapefruit balance and lifts the spirits while Rosemary and Basil refresh the mind, helping to boost your energy levels. Apply this revive remedy to your pulse points. 

ENERGY (10ML – R120.00) This organic blend of SOiL Clary Sage, Lime, Cypress and Black Pepper essential oil will support you to stimulate mental faculties and energise your body. 

Stress… or CENTERED CALM? 

ORGANIC RELAX REMEDY ROLLER (11ML – R40.00) Clary Sage, warming Marjoram, Lavender and Chamomile calm the nervous system, promote tranquility, and help relieve tension headaches. This remedy roller is ready to pop in your bag or briefcase for instant relief when you need to stay in your center. 

ORGANIC FRANKINCENSE OIL  (10ML – R100.00) Obtained from steam distillation of the gum resin, Frankincense has been used for 1000’s of years as incense where its centering aroma slows the nervous system and promotes a feeling of calm and introspection. A few drops in an essential oil burner can aid concentration and meditation. Frankincense is also excellent for dry and mature skin and is said to preserve a youthful complexion and prevent wrinkles. 

From the SOiL farm to your family, experience natural and certified aromatherapy oils and skincare which is organically grown and bottled to be safe for the whole family.